F&V Amo’T Dragon Gift Box


F&V is launching the brand new “Door-Opening Red | Year of the Dragon Gift Box” in the Year of the Dragon, filled with rich gifts to ensure a healthy start to the new year!

The gift box includes:
Amo’T Box x1,
Jiang Popo Ginger Powder x1,
Premium Red Date Slices x1,
Mixed Nuts x4,
New Year Couplets x1 set,
New Year Greeting Card x1.

Amo’T  is extracted from the leaves of the red-haired durian. It’s effective, fast-acting, and most importantly, it’s very natural compared to western medicine. Just 5 days of drinking Amo’T can show improvements in health indices!
The brewing method is also very simple: just open the tea bag, add hot water, and it’s ready to enjoy~ It can also help with digesting the rich foods of the New Year, reducing the body’s burden~ Truly, a cup of tea with many benefits! Adding Jiang Popo Ginger’s Ginger Powder to the Amo’T brings a unique flavor~

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