F&V Amo’T Dragon Gift Box


F&V is launching the brand new “Door-Opening Red | Year of the Dragon Gift Box” in the Year of the Dragon, filled with rich gifts to ensure a healthy start to the new year!

The gift box includes:
🧧 Amo’T Box x1,
🧧 Jiang Popo Ginger Powder x1,
🧧 Premium Red Date Slices x1,
🧧 Mixed Nuts x4,
🧧 New Year Couplets x1 set,
🧧 New Year Greeting Card x1.

Amo’T  is extracted from the leaves of the red-haired durian. It’s effective, fast-acting, and most importantly, it’s very natural compared to western medicine. Just 5 days of drinking Amo’T can show improvements in health indices!
The brewing method is also very simple: just open the tea bag, add hot water, and it’s ready to enjoy~ It can also help with digesting the rich foods of the New Year, reducing the body’s burden~ Truly, a cup of tea with many benefits! Adding Jiang Popo Ginger’s Ginger Powder to the Amo’T brings a unique flavor~

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